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O U R   G U I D I N G   V I S I O N


Original Art Work - Roma Lamor

Like the saguaro cactus standing tall in the Arizona desert, Saguaro Christian Church strives to be a tower of strength and love to fulfill God’s vision for the world so that all are included and share fully in the life and ministry of the family of God.

With arms stretched heavenward and roots firmly planted in the promise of God’s unconditional love, we reach out far and wide to be responsive to the needs of the world around us and make a difference. We have been entrusted to be the hands and feet of God and graciously care for the earth, its people, and its resources practicing compassionate sharing so there will be enough for all.

As Jesus would welcome all people with kindness and gentleness, we are called to love one another as He loves us. We yearn to fulfill His vision of a community of complete understanding and acceptance where we build each other up, care for, affirm, and support each other.

We deliberately create spaces of peace and solace for anyone seeking shelter and refuge from the heat and pressures of the outside world. To achieve personal growth and wholeness, we offer rest, nourishment, and spiritual renewal for the mind, body, and soul. We are encouraged to find new ways for our lives to connect so that we might truly know and be known on a much deeper level.

Celebrating the differences of all God’s children, we believe that each person is blessed with gifts and talents that can be used to create a ripple effect radiating outward from this church to touch all people in all places. Energized by our hope in the renewal of all things through Jesus Christ, we are eager and willing to go out and embrace a hurting, fragmented, wounded world to share God’s grace, hope, and everlasting love.

As Disciples of Christ, we act to humbly serve others while meeting each person with dignity and respect wherever they might be on their faith journey. With renewed focus, we move forward so that all may live and thrive in an atmosphere of peace and civility – even in situations where there might be disagreement or alternative viewpoints. Standing for justice in all things, we honor Jesus’ radical call to love even our enemies.

We are one body. The challenges that we have faced together as a congregation have taught us to be patient and flexible and open to the Spirit of the Lord who inspires us. Though life might bring storms of brokenness, conflict, and loss, we see the promise of rainbows as the sun breaks through the clouds. Even the darkest places are filled with heavenly light as it shines down on Saguaro Christian Church, a beacon of hope for all to see the love of God reflected in our day-to-day attitudes and actions.

Led by the Holy Spirit, we are faithfully united as we commit ourselves to be a church that is continually growing, learning, and changing so that each generation is valued and given the opportunity to make its own unique contributions.

We join hands in prayer to prepare our minds to listen for and discover God’s vision for us. We work together to nurture and care for the seeds planted in our hearts and minds to flourish and grow and become a beautiful, blooming vision for us all to live and grow into. By trusting the vision and its infinite possibilities, we will celebrate and share an abundant harvest of the “fruits of the Spirit.”

As this vision evolves, we will keep it close to our hearts and continue to pray for God’s grace and guidance and allow ourselves to be transformed by our prayers. We lift our voices in harmony, knowing that each and every prayer is heard and that anyone can choose to be part of this faithful journey. We envision and imagine a future filled with hope and joy and shaped by God.