If you are looking for Saguaro Christian Church, please go to www.saguarocc.org

Prayer.  Laughter.  Music.  Art.  Life.  

A Welcome Table.

If you are looking for a church that challenges you, then come to Saguaro. Here one will not be inundated with dogma, but instead provided the tools, the community and the love to grow in your faith.  If your soul longs for a church of prayer, laughter, music, art and life, then take your place at the table of God's love and be a part of the life, worship and ministry of Saguaro Christian Church.    

Saguaro Christian Church strives for a unique ministry, a welcome table centered around God's love. We try to overcome all the divisiveness of our culture, the shallowness, the thoughtlessness. We find authentic meaning in being a church that is a safe place for people to come together in worship and ministry.  It is an earnest attempt to have Democrats and Republicans, all ethnicity and all race, young and old, gay and straight, single and partnered, married with children and married and childless, single parents and grandparents raising grandchildren, caretakers and the widowed, those with special needs and those struggling with mental health, to come together in a spirit of worship.  We are not defined by our differences, but united in one FAITH.  

If you are planning a visit, please know a few things about our people and different styles of worship:

  • Dress:  Some people dress formally.  Some don't. Come comfortable.
  • Bible:  The living story of God's love in the world lights the story of each and everyone of our lives.  Its historical context helps us with our historical context.  Its failures help us with our failures.  The hope it contains is our hope.
  • Communion:  It is the central part of each week's worship service.  All followers of Jesus the Christ are welcome to participate....even CHILDREN (Jesus said something about the Kingdom of God being like them!)
  • Speaking of Children: We welcome their noises, their questions and their frequent need for restroom breaks.  For toddlers to early Elementary school, we do offer Worship and Wonder, a special worship service led by trained Adults, during the Traditional Service.  We want children to be children, so parents can relax and be with the community of all God's people.
  • The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):  We are part of a church tradition that has always been a movement towards wholeness in a fragmented world.  More information is available on the Disciples National website tab located on the right.
  • Our Worship Services:  We understand that not all individuals have the same worship needs. Decisions are made around style of worship, music, time and the desire for the untraditional.  We hope you will spend some time exploring the various types of worship services offered. 
On behalf of Saguaro Christian Church, I pray that our paths will cross soon.

Peace and Grace,

Owen Chandler, Senior Minister and Chaplain (CPT) USAR