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O U R   P R O G R A M S


Saguaro Infant Care the Preschool uses a theme-based curriculum (Seasons, Holidays, Stories, Songs, and Educational Concepts) with an emphasis on foundational skills and appropriate for each age group and individuals.  Extensions and Webbing include Hands-on Science, physical activities and creative projects.

In our Preschool, we focus on and enrich Arizona’s Early Learning Standards for Early Childhood Education.



Saguaro Infant Care and Preschool bases its total program on a connected curriculum that is organized for success at each developmental age.  From the Infant Rooms (0-6 months) where planned motor activities and visually stimulating spaces begin to develop readiness for independent and guided learning in our Preschool children (3-5 year old, we need to master the Arizona State Standards), our goal is to provide a dependable, affordable, and enriching environment for each child.



Adjacent rooms allow us to care for infants 0 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months in separate spaces.  In both rooms, caring staff members give the infants loving attention and provide visual materials and physical activities to develop intellect and coordination.

This is a time of great changes; from rolling over to crawling and to walking; from cooing to using naming words.

Our nurturing staff helps every child build trust and feel safe. 

Kirkland Formula, Baby Food and Rice Cereal are PROVIDED. 



The one-year olds are mobile and actively look for new experiences with toys, books, blocks, and group play.  Our well-planned room with age appropriate materials and watchful staff provides each child with opportunities for developing social and physical skills. 

The two-year olds push for independence and our staff plans for time for creativity, dramatic play, cooperative activities and self-determined choices.  Readiness for the move to our Preschool is planned with teaching pre-math and pre-reading concepts.  Potty-training, based on readiness, is a part of the class structure.



Our 3 to 5 year olds share connected classrooms where the teachers provide more structured instruction designed for readiness for Kindergarten.  This takes many forms from practicing activities that take large-and small-muscle control and hand-eye-coordination, to learning to work cooperatively in groups, and leading children to feel capable and confident.  In addition to being in an atmosphere of exciting learning, the children develop the verbal, cognitive, social and physical skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten.