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S T A F F   D I R E C T O R Y

 Position NAME Ext.  E-Mail    
 Senior Minister  Rev. Owen Chandler  206  [email protected]
 Interim Administrative Assistant   Fran Johnson  202  [email protected]
 Property Manager   Paul Ledbetter    [email protected]
 Technical Administrator   Frank Terry  216  [email protected]
 Custodians   Brian Rudigier    
 Financial Coordinator   Laurie Colburn  209  [email protected]
 Director of Music  Jeff Myrmo  221  [email protected]
 Contemporary Worship Director & Accompanist  Keith Koster    [email protected]
 Saguaro Infant Care & Preschool Director   Tanima Lawrence  219  [email protected]
 Nursery Attendant   Barbara Sager    
 SCC Christian Education & Youth Coordinator   Laurie Cleveland  202  [email protected]