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At Saguaro Christian Church (SCC), we open our doors to church members and friends from the community for their wedding ceremonies.

All weddings are managed and organized by one of our wedding coordinators. 
These are church members called by God for this special ministry to insure that your wedding experience is
spiritually centered and as free from stress as possible.

If you are interested in having your wedding at SCC, please review the following:


  • All wedding services are conducted by current ministers of SCC.
  • Pre-marital counseling is required for all weddings to be completed by a minister of SCC
  • The Wedding Coordinator will be the point of contact to the church and ministers for:

            Premarital counseling sessions
            Availability of the church building
            Opening and closing of the church
            Fielding all general questions and concerns of the service
            Keeping you current on the fee schedule
            Assisting the rehearsal service

  • If use of the organ is requested, current SCC organist must be used

If the current SCC organist is unavailable, the current SCC organist must approve the credentials of the guest organist

  • In the event of a church member funeral, the funeral takes priority over ALL events, uses, and functions (church member and community group alike.)

Contact the church office for additional information and scheduling.

Phone (520) 296-5901 or Email [email protected]


  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed in the building or on the grounds. 
  • Smoking is not allowed in the building or near any entrance or air-conditioning vents 
  • No weapons are allowed in buildings or on the grounds of SCC. 
  • When children are in church facilities, adequate supervision must be provided. 
  • Decorations should not be affixed to any surface without prior approval. 
  • Any movement of sanctuary furniture must be addressed with the ministerial staff prior to any service.
  • All candles use must be approved prior to the event.
  • Activities are to be contained to the rooms approved.
  • To comply with fire safety requirements, the head count limits are:

            Sanctuary – 250
            Fellowship Hall – 200
            Chapel – 30

Refundable Security:

Deposits will be returned unless:

  • Smoking or alcohol provisions are violated
  • Custodial staff is brought in to clean up after the group
  • Kitchen is left unclean, furniture not moved back to original set up and/or trash is not bagged and placed in containers.
  • Physical damage occurs to walls, chairs, floors and/or other furniture.
  • Lights left heat or air left on and/or doors left unlocked.

Please Note:

  • The wedding ceremony will not officially be entered onto the church calendar until ALL signatures, forms and deposits are submitted to the church office.
  • For our community friends, we do not allow the scheduling of weddings further than six (6) months out.
  • No wedding will be scheduled sooner than two (2) months out to provide time to complete the ministerial guidelines.
  • Failure to abide by any of the wedding guidelines and/or prohibitions will result in either the cancellation of the wedding or a fee.
  • ALL ministers reserve the right to refuse ANY wedding ceremony.
  • Saturday evening receptions must end by 10:00 pm.